Community Generation Capacity Building Program - FAQ

FAQ Community Generation Capacity Building

Everything you need to know about Community Generation

What is the purpose of the Community Generation Capacity Building program? Toggle content

The purpose is to provide eligible organizations with funding for the pre-development stages of a community generation project and generally build capacity in this area in the province. The intent is to support projects in the early stages so they can participate in a future community generation programs.

Can one organization apply multiple times to the Community Generation Capacity Building program? Toggle content

Yes. Provided each project is unique in nature and this is clearly indicated on the application form.

What is the maximum grant amount our project can obtain? Toggle content

Each individual project can apply for a maximum of $500,000 in grant funding.

My project will be supporting the development of a municipal project, should I apply as a municipality? How do I identify my project as a municipal project if the applicant is not the municipality? Toggle content

Only Municipalities as defined by the Municipal Government Act should apply as municipalities. Applications which are submitted by a non-municipal organization for a project with a primary focus on municipalities should make this clear in their project description and the selection committee will determine how best to classify the project.

Who is administering this program? Toggle content

The program is being administered in partnership by Energy Efficiency Alberta and the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre.

My organization had a Community Energy Capacity Building (CECB) grant from Energy Efficiency Alberta. Can I apply to this program to extend this work? Toggle content

Yes, you can, however any applications to the CGCB must be for a new project. New projects can expand upon the work previously completed in the CECB.

Does this program support jobs? Toggle content

The program will support the development of community-scale renewable energy projects in the long term. Studies have shown that community-scale solar projects create up to 2.8 times as many jobs and 3.4 times as much local economic impact as large-scale renewable energy projects.

How much clean energy is expected to be generated from this program? Toggle content

The purpose of this program is not to generate energy, but to provide communities the tools or information they need to develop clean energy projects in the future.

What is the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre? Toggle content

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC) is joint initiative between the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA), and Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA). The MCCAC has received funding through the Climate Leadership Plan and provides support to help Alberta municipalities, schools, and non-profits mitigate and adapt to climate change through education, technical assistance, and funding programs.

Where do the funds for this program come from? Toggle content

The program is funded by CLP funds deployed by Energy Efficiency Alberta and the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre.

How long will the program run? Toggle content

The program will accept applications between January 14 and February 22, 2019. The projects are expected to be carried out between April 1, 2019 and February 2020.

How did you determine the structure and details of this program? Toggle content

The program has been designed by Energy Efficiency Alberta and the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre. The program has been structured to support eligible community groups that have capacity and interest to deploy renewable energy generation.

How will the funds be disbursed to successful applicants? Toggle content

Funding will be provided via cheque following signing of the grant agreement.

How do I check on the application(s) I have submitted? Toggle content

Applicants will be notified of the decision via e-mail in Spring, 2019.

Can a project access funding from the CGCB while also accessing funding from other micro-generation and REP related programs? Toggle content

A CGCB project cannot use Climate Change Leadership Plan (CLP) funds from two different sources for the same project. CGCB projects can access funds from other non-CLP funded programs for the same project. This includes Provincial and Federal funds. All funds cannot exceed 100% of project budget.

What is the maximum amount that can be provided to one project? Toggle content

The maximum amount that can be provided to one project is $500,000.

How does the government know that there is a demand for community generation in Alberta? Toggle content

Many community organizations, co-operatives, and non-profit organizations have expressed interest in community energy, but capacity building funding is needed to help the project proponents take next steps in project development.

Do I need to report project progress after approval? Toggle content

Successful applicants must submit and complete a final report for their project no later than February 21, 2020. Projects must be completed upon submission of the final report. An interim report is required to report on progress.

What is the difference between this program and other renewable energy programs run by the government? Toggle content

The Community Generation Capacity Building (CGCB) program is specifically meant to support capacity building projects related to community and distributed energy projects defined by the recently released Small Scale Generation Regulation. Other renewable energy programs run by the Government of Alberta, such as the Residential and Commercial Solar Program and the Alberta Municipal Solar Program, provide funding toward capital costs of the projects.

Does a project need to be located within a community to be a community generation project? Toggle content

Community generation projects do not need to be located within a community. However, they do need to be distribution connected systems.

What type of generation is eligible? Toggle content

All renewable energy and alternative energy is eligible. Renewable or alternative energy means electric energy generated from (i) products having current EcoLogo certification, (ii) solar, wind, hydro, fuel cell, geothermal, biomass or other generation sources, (iii) if the emissions intensity of the electric energy produced, or the total energy produced from the simultaneous generation of electric energy and production of thermal energy from the same fuel source is less than or equal to 418 kg CO2e per MWh.

How is community generation aligned with the climate leadership plan? Toggle content

The main objectives of the Climate Leadership Plan are to diversify the economy, create jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Community generation allows for community economic development and creates more jobs per MW of capacity installed than utility-scale projects. Community Generation projects use renewable energy technologies and also reduce losses in energy transmission by being located close to the load.