Play with your energy

Who said saving energy had to be boring? Through a mix of thoughtful, engaging and fun programming, our grant recipients taught people that being smart about their energy can be an adventure for the whole family.

Grants in action The right mix of fun and facts

Over the past 16 months, our grant recipients have shown creative, innovative ways to get kids and families involved and learning. From plays to expos kids were building, acting, testing and laughing their way to becoming smarter energy users.

Committing to taking energy efficient actions is a key part of Green Calgary’s programming. Through interactive pedal stations that show kids just how much of their own energy it takes to power different kinds of light bulbs, they had 97% of participants commit to an energy saving action. This even translated to larger, school wide initiatives.

Students participating in Relay Energy’s Renewable Energy Design Challenge create their own energy producing windmill.

“I learned that you can power an Xbox with a bicycle and I learned a different types of power. How does water make power? I’m gonna change my light Bulb to LEDs.” ~ Izaak

The Earth Rangers mobilized their team into action by creating two missions for kids to undertake in their homes. The “Reset the Stat” and “Operation Conservation” missions challenged kids to learn how much energy they were using in their homes, and reduce it by working through the mission briefs. This often involved taking actions, cutting out fun stickers as reminders and finding energy culprits to earn Earth Ranger Badges.

In addition to creating two stellar resources for teachers to deliver in class on electric vehicles and energy storage, Green Learning is also teaching kids to become energy detectives in their own home. The Home Energy Detective kit gives kids fun resources and tools to sleuth out where they can save energy through lighting, cooling, water heating and more. It is also tied to the Alberta curriculum, making it a great resource that teachers can use when kids return to school.

Evergreen Theatre Society took and interactive, playful approach to learning. Bright costumes, interactive sets and volunteers set the stage for overwhelmingly positive results from teachers. 99% of teachers indicated it was effective entertainment and education. Many mentioned the kids were singing the songs from the “Three Little Pigs and B.B. Wolfe", a science and environmental concept infused musical theatre adaptation of the classic fairy tale, for weeks afterwards. B.B. Wolfe, a climate scientist, and her cast of characters skillfully integrated climate science and promoted personal action and responsibility regarding energy efficiency.

"There was great information about climate change, the difference between changes in climate and weather, energy efficiency and renewable and reusable resources" - teacher, audience member from “Three Little Pigs and B.B. Wolfe"

Relay Education challenged students to come up with their own designs for solar and wind generation. In the Solar Design Challenge, students create up to six teams to design, create and decorate a solar car. Kids were off to the races, coming up with inventive designs and colourful creations to win the challenge. In the Wind Design Challenge, students built a model wind turbine that generated electricity, and were encouraged to use recycled materials to help spice it up.