Online Rebates - FAQ

FAQ Online Rebates

Everything you need to know about our Online Rebates program and your eligibility.

How does the Online Rebates program work? Toggle content

To take part in the Online Saving Rebates Program, you must first purchase the eligible rebate product (smart thermostats, clothes washers, refrigerators or Furnace with ECM) as identified on the online product lists. Please check online prior to making the purchase to confirm that the product is eligible. Purchases can be made either in-store in Alberta or online.

The application form on the Energy Efficiency Alberta website can be used on any device including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. You’ll need to provide the details about your purchase, and some personal information so that we can send you a rebate cheque.

On the application form, there is button that says “Upload Your Receipt.” We can only accept jpeg, gif, or png images with a maximum file size of 3MB.

Where can I get more information on online rebates? Toggle content

At or call 1-844-357-5604.

How much will I get back for each product? Toggle content

Online rebates amounts are $75 per eligible product. Participants can receive rebates for a maximum of two products per product category.

How long will the Online Rebates program continue? Toggle content

We are continually evaluating the program based on participation and budget availability.

Is the online rebate retroactive? Toggle content

The online rebate for refrigerators, clothes washers and smart thermostats applies to products purchased as of April 28, 2017. The rebate for furnaces with ECM applies to products purchased as of January 15, 2018. Energy Efficiency Alberta is unable to provide rebates for products purchased prior to these dates.

Why are the rebate amounts changing to $75 for all products on June 1, 2018? Toggle content

In order to manage the program budget in the 2018-19 fiscal year, reductions in rebate values are required. Despite the reduction, this dollar value is in line with other North American markets – none of which are offering less than $75.

What if I purchased a product before June 1, 2018; do I still get a rebate? Toggle content

Yes. Everyone who purchased a product before June 1, 2018, even if they apply for the rebate after June 1, 2018, will be grandfathered in at the previous rebate amount.

Will the receipts have to be scanned and sent from a desktop? Toggle content

A scanned picture (jpeg, gif or png) that is saved on a desktop, phone or tablet can be uploaded to the application form. A photo can be uploaded to the application form from both desktop and mobile devices.

I lost my receipt. What can I do to still apply for the rebate? Toggle content

Please contact your retailer to inquire about a reprint of your receipt. Some retailers may be able to reprint a receipt for a customer. As the receipt is required for verification of the product purchase, Energy Efficiency Alberta is unable to provide a rebate without a valid receipt.

Can I get a rebate if I buy a fridge/these products online, or do I have to go into a store? Toggle content

Rebates for fridges, clothes washers and smart thermostats, through the Online Savings Rebates Program, can be obtained with a valid purchase receipt, regardless if it was purchased in-store or online.

What if I find a fridge that isn’t on your approved list but has comparable performance? Can I get a rebate for that too? Toggle content

We use an ENERGY STAR® approved list that is managed by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. If the appliance has the comparable performance to another product, then it would be on this qualifying list, which is updated on a monthly basis with new products that achieve the same criteria.

Energy Efficiency Alberta is unable to offer rebates for products that are not on the approved list.