Home Energy Plan FAQ

FAQ for homeowners Home Energy Plan

Everything you need to know about our Home Energy Plan and your eligibility.

What is required to participate in the City Of Edmonton top-up program? Toggle content

If you would like to participate in the City of Edmonton’s Home Energy Plan top-up program, you must consent to sharing your label on the City of Edmonton’s Energy Map. This map helps you compare your home’s energy use with other homes, and it makes greenhouse gas and energy use in homes more visible for everyone.

How do I participate in the Home Energy Plan? Toggle content
  1. Get in touch with a Participating Energy Advisor to book an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation.
  2. Have your Home Energy Evaluation completed.
  3. After your data is received by Natural Resources Canada (up to two weeks), you’ll be invited to login to homeenergyplan.ca (a secure portal) where you can:
    • Review rebate estimates
    • Learn about the home improvements that can save you energy and rebates available
    • Find participating contractors to complete work and submit applications for a rebate on your behalf.
What is an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation? Toggle content
  • It’s an assessment of your home's energy consumption with recommendations for areas of improvement. The home is assessed from the attic to the basement and then modelled in a specialized software to understand exactly how much energy you use and how much you can save with upgrades, repairs and renovations.
  • EnerGuide is a Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) program and they license Energy Advisors who prove their energy and building science expertise through rigorous testing. Find out more information about the EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluations.
What is an Energy Advisor? Toggle content
  • Energy Advisors are energy and building science experts who complete rigorous testing to be licensed by NRCan in order to provide the EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation.
  • Home Energy Plan participating Energy Advisors are partners of Energy Efficiency Alberta’s program and will register the homes they evaluate for the program with NRCan. To receive a rebate for you Home Energy Evaluation, ensure you choose a participating Energy Advisor.
What products are offered for rebates? Toggle content
  • Most home improvements that result in the reduction of energy consumption of your home are eligible for a rebate.
  • Some of these improvements are commonly recommended by Energy Advisors and the savings can easily be calculated.
  • Homeowners and landlords can complete common upgrades utilizing participating contractors which include:
    • Insulation upgrades (ceiling, main walls, exposed floor, basement header, pony wall, basement walls)
    • ENERGY STAR® tankless water heater installations
    • ENERGY STAR® triple-pane, low-e, argon window replacements
    • Drain water heat recovery installation
    • ENERGY STAR® Furnaces with above 95% AFUE
    • ENERGY STAR® Boilers with above 90% AFUE
  • Custom upgrades include home improvements (including those listed above that are not installed by a participating contractor) that require a post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation (also known as an E Evaluation) to determine the energy savings you achieved.
  • For a specific list of eligible products and program criteria please review the program guide.
What are the rebate amounts? Toggle content
  • The rebates are calculated based on how much energy your home improvement saves, taking into consideration the starting condition of your home and the improvement(s) made. The more energy you save, the higher the rebate. In addition, a bonus rebate of $1,000 is available if three or more upgrades are completed within 18 months, resulting in a minimum of 3 GJ of energy savings per upgrade type.
  • Rebate estimates for common upgrades can be found in the program guide.
How much does a Home Energy Evaluation cost? Toggle content
  • Home Energy Evaluations range in cost, starting from approximately $450. A Home Energy Evaluation can involve up to two hours with an Energy Advisor assessing your home, and an additional three hours of analysis to create a custom energy report for your home. The report will be available at homeenergyplan.ca up to two weeks after the Home Energy Evaluation.
  • Energy Advisors operate in a competitive market and, therefore, charge different rates based on the size of the home, location and other factors. As with all major purchases, we recommend getting multiple quotes and referrals before deciding on your Energy Advisor.
  • To support homeowner participation in the program, Energy Efficiency Alberta will provide a rebate of $300 for an eligible version 15 EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation (D Evaluation). This rebate will be directly discounted from the price of the Home Energy Evaluation and applied to your invoice.
  • An Energy Advisor provides extensive knowledge, including, but not limited to their passion for helping their customers make a good decision. Higher complexity homes and larger homes will require additional time and cost. Travel costs may be incurred by the homeowner for those living outside of major urban centres.
  • You will be required to pay GST on the price of the evaluation before the rebate is applied to your invoice.
I own an apartment/condo. Can I qualify for rebates under the new Home Energy Plan? Toggle content

No. Eligible homes must be located in Alberta, Canada and include:

  • Single family detached home
  • Single family semi-detached home (i.e. duplex)
  • Side-by-side duplex row home (i.e. townhome)
  • Homes with two or less units that share a common passageway
  • Mobile/modular homes on a permanent foundation with a permanent water supply, intended as a residence
Are combination boilers/furnaces eligible? Toggle content

Yes, components that make up a home heating system (including boilers and furnaces) are eligible for rebates. Specific criteria apply, please review the program guide for details.

How long do I have to wait to receive my rebate once an upgrade is done? Toggle content

Once an application is submitted, it will be reviewed by program staff and approved if eligible and complete. The homeowner will then receive an email request to confirm the application and address details. Once the homeowner confirms these details, the rebate cheque will be mailed in six to eight weeks.

Are door and patio doors covered under the Home Energy Plan? Toggle content

Doors and patio doors improvements can be submitted as a custom upgrade, which requires a post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation to determine energy savings. More details can be found in the program guide.

I can do the work myself. Can I participate in the Home Energy Plan? Toggle content

Yes. To participate in the Home Energy Plan, you must complete a Home Energy Evaluation through a participating Energy Advisor. However, upgrades can be completed yourself without using a participating contractor. Homeowners completing work themselves are required to complete a post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation to confirm energy savings for the rebate. More details can be found in the program guide.

What if I already completed an energy evaluation on my home? Toggle content
  • If the evaluation completed on your home was a Version 15 EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation completed after July 2016, you may be eligible to participate in the Home Energy Plan. If eligible, you may receive rebates for home improvements completed only after program registration. You will not be eligible for the $300 evaluation rebate.
  • To register your home, please email hello@efficiencyalberta.ca. We require your ‘Homeowner Information Sheet’ and your EnerGuide label to enter you into the Home Energy Plan, both provided to you by your Energy Advisor.
How do I know what upgrades will benefit my house? Toggle content
  • Your Home Energy Evaluation report received after the Home Energy Evaluation will provide suggestions on which areas of your home could be upgraded for maximum benefit and energy savings.
  • Homeenergyplan.ca (a secure portal) will provide additional information about what rebates you can receive and how the different energy improvements can help you save energy.
Are geothermal systems (ground source heat pumps) eligible for a rebate? Toggle content

Ground source heat pumps are eligible but require a post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation to determine the energy savings. Please review the Program Guide for specific details on how ground source heat pumps are rebated.

Are solar systems eligible for a rebate? Toggle content
  • Solar water heaters are eligible for a rebate but require a post-upgrade Energy Evaluation to determine the energy savings. Please review the Program Guide for specific details on how ground solar water heaters are rebated.
  • Reduced energy consumption (or a lower EnerGuide rating) associated with on-site renewable generation such as wind or solar PV, is not eligible for rebates in this Home Energy Plan.
Will heat pumps qualify for a rebate under the Home Energy Plan? Toggle content

Yes, heat pumps are eligible but require a post-upgrade Home Energy Evaluation to determine the energy savings. Please review the Program Guide for specific details on how heat pumps are rebated

I understand that after the Home Energy Evaluation I can make home improvements according to the Energy Advisor’s recommendations. Is there any time limit to performing the work for a rebate? Toggle content

You will have 18 months from the date your Home Energy Evaluation is completed to complete home improvements and have a post-upgrade Energy Evaluation conducted if required.

What kind of rebate can I expect to receive when I install a new energy-efficient furnace? Toggle content

You can receive a rebate up to $500 on ENERGY STAR® Furnaces with above 95% AFUE.

Can I still participate without a Home Energy Evaluation? Toggle content
  • A Home Energy Evaluation is required for you to register for the Home Energy Plan — a valuable tool to ensure you are choosing the right and most beneficial home improvements for your home. The Home Energy Plan will also make you eligible for valuable rebates.
  • If you have already completed many energy-efficient upgrades or know you just want to complete one basic home improvement, you can apply for a rebate through Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Improvement Rebates program.

FAQ for Contractors Home Energy Plan

Will there be a separate list of Participating Contractors for the new program? Toggle content

No, there will be one list of Participating Contractors for both Energy Efficiency Alberta home improvement programs.

Will Contractors still be giving homeowners rebate estimates for the new program? Toggle content

Contractors will have access to Home Improvement calculators to estimate Common Upgrade rebates as they are accustomed to, official estimates will be based on the baseline established by the Home Energy Evaluation. Official rebate estimates for Common Upgrades will be available on the homeowners homeenergyplan.ca portal up to two weeks after the Home Energy Evaluation.

Do the submission requirements change in any way? Toggle content

Yes, in the Home Energy Plan, the contractor is required to do less – we will only require proof of the post–upgrade condition (photos, invoice, proof of eligible products, customer release form). No pre-upgrade photos or measurements of the existing materials will be required.

How does claim submission work for Home Energy Plan? Does the contractor still apply for the rebate on behalf of the homeowner? Toggle content

For all Common Upgrades, a Participating Contractor will submit details of work completed (with no requirement for pre-upgrade photos). For all Custom Upgrades, an Energy Advisor will be required to re-evaluate the home (at an evaluation cost borne by the homeowner) to fully evaluate eligible energy savings and the final rebate application for all upgrades will be completed by the Energy Advisor.

I am a participating contractor in the Home Improvement Rebate (HIR) program. Am I also required to sign up for the Home Energy Plan program separately? Do I need to manage two login IDs now and deal with two databases? Toggle content
  • No, all contractors participating in the Home Improvement Rebate program will automatically be able to participate in the new Home Energy Plan. Please ensure you update your profile if you offer furnace/boiler installs or heat recovery ventilator installation.
  • Your existing registration will carry forward; however, a new Participation Agreement will be required, and you’ll interact with the new homeenergyplan.ca portal.
  • The contractor database has migrated and while there will be some transition considerations, the intention is to provide a better experience for our valued contractor partners in the future – mobile optimized, automatic reminders on expiring documents, feedback scores, and opportunities to showcase your business.