Investing in your community

Energy efficiency in Alberta communities

We're in the community

Energy Efficiency Alberta is involved in various communities, from providing educational and capacity building grants, to supporting technical training to participating in community events.

Communities are not just the places in which we live. Communities are also the groups of people that we gather with to share interests, passions, or purpose. We want to support the diverse communities in Alberta to engage in energy-efficient or renewable energy actions in the places they work, live and play. The foundation of energy-efficient actions is understanding how best to be energy efficient our spaces.

Community education and capacity building in communities

Community education and capacity building projects, funded by grants, are an important part of how Energy Efficiency Alberta fulfills its mandate. We believe providing grants will allow the organizations that receive them to do more of what they are already experts at, reaching more Albertans in their homes, classrooms, businesses and communities. We also believe in empowering people to fully participate in energy efficiency or renewable energy actions, which is why many of our grants have hands-on or enabling components to be able to do so.

We are currently focused on funding projects in the following key areas

  • youth education,
  • industry training, capacity development and innovation,
  • community education, and
  • community generation capacity building.

Community education and capacity building projects

Grant spotlight

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