Custom Energy Solutions

The Custom Energy Solutions program is closed.

Program Updates

Applications that have already been pre-approved will continue to be processed for payment. If you have questions, please contact your Account Manager or email

  • All pre-approved Custom Energy Solutions implementation projects will continue but will have a strict one-year deadline from the date the offer letter was signed to complete and submit all milestone 3 requirements and be approved by the program.
  • All pre-approved engineering studies, scoping audits, and re/retro-commissioning (RCx) investigation that are completed and submitted within 30 days of October 24, 2019 will be fully paid for all milestones. Completed audits, studies and investigations must meet all program requirements by the submission deadline.
  • All pre-approved Methane Emissions Reduction program applications will continue to be processed for payment. Applications that have not been pre-approved, will not be approved and there is no waitlist.

If you have submitted your application for either a project or scoping audit or study, but have not received a pre-approval letter, it will not be approved and there will be no waitlist.

Program closure FAQ.

Below are program details that may be helpful for those who have already submitted applications or are interested in learning more about how the program worked.

A tailored approach to reducing operating costs

Custom Energy Solutions helps Albertan facilities improve productivity, save energy and save money by upgrading inefficient equipment and making other energy improvements.

Knowing there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all answer to improving energy use and efficiency in your facility, we’ll work directly with you to identify your specific goals and needs. We offer end-to-end support and incentives to identify and implement enhancements that are designed to deliver the best results for your facility.

Is your facility eligible?

Industrial, institutional and commercial customers with facilities operating within the Province of Alberta may be eligible. There is no minimum threshold for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but facilities emitting 10,000 tonnes or more of greenhouse gases annually will be eligible for higher incentives with certain offers.*

We work closely with the following facility types and more:

Learn about eligibility criteria, including how to calculate your facility’s annual emissions.

Try out our GHG emissions calculator to estimate your facility’s annual greenhouse gas emissions and our simple payback calculator.

*Facilities defined as Large Final Emitters or customers or facilities that have opted into the Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation are not eligible.

Where should you start?

  1. Are you looking to better understand your facility’s energy use before determining what upgrades should be completed? Or, do you already know where you want to invest and what the energy reductions will be? The customer journey will help determine what path is best for your facility.
  2. Learn about the application requirements and complete your pre-approval.
  3. Complete the self-registration and enrol in the Custom Energy Solutions program.

You have options

There are a variety of ways to participate depending on your needs. We can help you find the ideal fit.

Ready to get started?

1 Eligibilty

Confirm if your facility is eligible.

2 Customer journey

Find out more about the customer journey.

3 Application requirements

Find out what you need to get started.

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