Strategic Energy Management

Save money and increase your bottom line through improved practices and training.

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Program for Large Final Emitters

Developed specifically for large facilities that have complex energy management needs.

Develop an integrated energy strategy for your organization through mentorship and peer support. Receive the tools, coaching, structure and resources necessary to implement Strategic Energy Management (SEM) through operations and maintenance changes, and employee engagement. 

Energy Efficiency Alberta, through significant funding from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), is extending the successful SEM program to reach a wider range of organizations, such as oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing organizations. Specifically, facilities that are classified as Large Final Emitters (LFEs). These are facilities that are Regulated Facilities and produce more than 100,000 tonnes of CO2 annually) or that have opted intoAlberta’s current Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation (CCIR).

This stream of the SEM program is designed specifically for large facilities that have complex energy management needs. The two-year cohort-style program will be open to companies in the Fort McMurray region and Alberta’s capital region (including the Alberta Industrial Heartland, Leduc, Wetaskiwin and surrounding areas). 

Participating facilities will receive energy management coaching and technical resources along with intensive workshops, on-site training and one-on-one coaching to increase energy management expertise within participating companies.   

The Strategic Energy Management program enables organizations to reduce energy use and improve operational efficiencies, while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and achieving 50001 Ready recognition. It also helps to build a lasting culture of energy efficiency within the facility and throughout the organization.

Who is eligible?

Owners or operators of facilities classified as LFEs (facilities that produce more than 100,000 tonnes of CO2 annually)and that participate in Alberta’s Carbon Competitiveness Incentive Regulation, including facilities that have opted into the regulation over the two-year participation period.  

Interested in learning more?

Please review the Strategic Energy Management for Large Final Emitters Brochure for more information. To receive program updates, interested organizations can submit an Expression of Interest. Energy Efficiency Alberta will contact you to explain the required next steps. (Note: Submitting an Expression of Interest does not guarantee participation.)

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Cohort Program

SEM applies principles and practices of continuous improvement that could help reduce your emissions profile by an average of 5% annually with little to no capital investment. Through SEM, your organization will develop a plan that maximizes energy savings and reduces operational costs.  

SEM is delivered in cohort-structured working groups along with onsite visits where organization-specific services are delivered. Taking place in two stages over two years, the first year features four group workshops, five one-on-one site events, and dedicated coaching and mentoring. The second, or alumni year, is designed to enable the sustainment and continuation of savings, incentives and support that is delivered in the first year. 

Participating in the cohort also offers participants full access to the Custom Energy Solutions incentives (up to $1 million per project, and up to $2 million per parent company) for the implementation of capital-intensive projects. In addition, Energy Efficiency Alberta provides an incentive of $40 per tonne of greenhouse gas (GHG) saved (up to a maximum of $50,000) for the implementation of operational and maintenance measures. 

Eligible organizations include commercial, institutional and industrial organizations with an emissions profile over 5,000 tonnes of GHG. To find out your emissions profile, complete the calculator and survey and submit it by email.

See our Strategic Energy Management cohort brochure for a case study, workshop schedule and further details. 

Cohort locations

If your organization has an emissions profile greater than 5,000 tonnes of GHG and you're located one to two hours from the locations below, please contact us for more information about upcoming cohorts. 

# Location Enrollment close date Kickoff workshop
1 Calgary Full 29-Nov-2019
2 Heartland of Alberta/ Edmonton Full 16-Jan-2019
3 South Alberta (Lethbridge, Brooks, Medicine Hat) Full 23-Jan-2019
4 Edmonton, Red Deer, and Lloydminster Full 20-Feb-2019
5 Grande Prairie Full 20-Mar-2019
6 Fort McMurray Full 24-Apr-2019

Cohorts are filled on a first come, first served basis. Please note: many cohorts in this program are now at capacity and waitlists have been established.

Send us an email or contact us at 403-800-8947 for more information and program availability.

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