Bridging the skills gap in Alberta

Energy efficiency is more than just cool appliances. Its about people, attitudes, and behaviour as well. A big part of getting Albertans to use energy smarter is recognizing where we can do better, then making it happen.

Grants in action Making it happen

From identifying skills to designing courses that are needed to get us closer to a low-carbon economy, our grant-funded projects did just that. Many came up with creative and engaging ways to make us smarter energy users.

Passive House Alberta used the funds to impassion and educate homeowners and builders about passive design in houses and buildings through online courses. They developed two courses, entitled 5 Principles for a Healthier, More Affordable, Energy Efficient Home and How the Passive House Approach helps Build Better Buildings and Healthier Communities. These are delivered both in-person and online.

“The course made me even more passionate about Passive House and all it has to offer any building project – big or small. It reaffirmed the idea that we need to start thinking long-term and that if we do, we will see the benefits in many ways.” ~ Participant, How the Passive House Approach helps Build Better Buildings and Healthier Communities

Decentralised Energy saw a huge opportunity to up industries’ game by translating the EXPLORE software platform from French to English and offering it in Alberta. This program is much more user-friendly and expedient than what is currently offered to drive efficiency and GHG emissions savings in industrial processes. The benefits to organizations are impactful. The successful use of online training in this project encouraged NRCan to investigate piloting a similar course online in Alberta, which will increase access for companies.

PHBI knows a thing or two about leveling up; all new residential home construction will have to be Net-Zero ready by 2030 across Canada. They used the funds they received to make sure our builders are prepared for the changes. The course they developed, Energy Efficiency and Air Tightness Testing is an online course, available to homeowners, builders and whomever is interested.

“I feel that every home builder should have its service and construction departments complete this course, as it is very informative and has excellent information. It would also benefit the sales teams, when explaining certain concepts" ~ Participant, Energy Efficiency and Air Tightness Testing

In the picture above: Results of the blower door test, from PHBI’s online program.