Expanding the Industry

Alberta's energy efficiency industry is real and growing

Expanding the Industry Expanding Alberta’s energy efficiency industry to grow businesses and help create local jobs

Alberta’s energy efficiency industry is real and growing. More than 1,600 energy efficiency and renewable energy companies—called trade allies—are doing business in our province, each employing a range of skilled tradespeople and professionals. This is likely a conservative number since many people, and companies, don’t identify as being part of any specific industry, but feel a closer connection to their area of expertise, such as engineering, plumbing, solar, HVAC, insulation or windows.

Energy Efficiency Alberta’s programs are increasing demand for energy-efficient technologies and the skilled contractors and businesses to install them. They are hiring more people, growing their businesses and becoming more knowledgeable about energy-efficient products, services and equipment.

In early 2019, Energy Efficiency Alberta launched a province-wide hub for energy efficiency companies. Members of the Efficiency Professionals (E Pro) Network deliver projects eligible for Energy Efficiency Alberta incentives and financing programs. This network can also take advantage of educational webinars, marketing support, and listing on Energy Efficiency Alberta’s online directory.

Industry-related research and development is strong in Alberta, demonstrating how technology can be applied to solve business problems and reduce emissions. Energy Efficiency Alberta plays an important role in Alberta’s innovation network, along with organizations such as Alberta Innovates and Emissions Reduction Alberta. By incorporating new, energy-efficient products and equipment in our programs, we help accelerate the adoption of new technologies. Community Generation Capacity grants are also supporting emerging green technologies and helping community organizations play an important role in Alberta’s energy transition by developing their own renewable energy projects.


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