Alberta’s Energy Efficiency Investments in energy efficiency are providing economic growth for the province

Investments in energy efficiency are delivering real value to Alberta’s economy, driving $850 million in economic growth, helping diversify the economy, and creating more than 4,300 local, private sector jobs.* These investments are delivering a $3.20 return for every $1 invested. And the future potential is even greater.

Providing the right level of financial incentives helps address costs for early adopters. And when you add in financing options that are easy to access and pay back, the projects get bigger and the savings even deeper.

Our financing programs help improve access to private capital for a variety of energy efficiency projects, generating both economic and environmental returns. The programs also provide a wide range of benefits for municipalities, including economic development for local businesses involved in these projects, improved value of buildings and support for environmental goals such as reduced emissions.

* Job-years being created from April 2017 to March 31, 2019, over the lifetime of products purchased.

Studies show that sustained investment in energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy has the potential to deliver a reduction of four million metric tonnes of CO2e per year, $1 billion per year in gross energy savings and 900 megawatts of peak electricity demand savings by 2038—reducing the need for new, carbon-based electricity generation. These results are amplified when programming is extended to the oil and gas industry—and many of those companies are already taking advantage of energy efficiency programs.


in economic growth


in economic activity
An annual investment in Alberta’s energy efficiency industry of $150 million will generate over $20 billion in economic activity over the next 20 years.


being returned
to Albertans for $1 invested in energy efficiency

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