2019-2020 Annual Report

Investments in energy efficiency are providing real value to Alberta’s economy, delivering $952 million in economic growth

2019-2020 Annual Report Industrial and commercial enterprises, non-profits and public institutions are more competitive and efficient

Throughout 2019 and into 2020, Albertans have continued to find value in energy efficiency, with organizations of all kinds realizing the benefits of these investments.

From large industrial companies and commercial retail buildings to hospitals and non-profit organizations, Albertans are adopting efficiency solutions that are increasing business competitiveness and kick-starting long-term cost savings. Energy Efficiency Alberta’s work in 2019-2020 encouraged over $170 million worth of private sector investments and a total of 34,079 completed projects.

Value from the start

Energy Efficiency Alberta has been providing value across the province since spring 2017, designing and delivering programs that are supporting Alberta’s businesses, industrial facilities, public institutions and households.

Value creation since spring 2017:

  • $806 million in lifetime savings through energy savings and emissions reductions
  • 6.8 million tonnes of avoided greenhouse gases
  • creating 5,170 jobs
  • triple the return on investment: $3 in savings for every $1 invested by Energy Efficiency Alberta
  • delivering $952 million in economic growth for the province
  • communities across the province have participated in our programs

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