Darryl Hill

VP, Program Design and Delivery

Darryl Hill has been involved in energy and technology for nearly two decades with a focus on improving the process around the customer experience and collaborating with industry.

He provides strategic direction and oversight in the development of a suite of energy efficiency programs to reach Albertans throughout the province. Since Darryl joined Energy Efficiency Alberta in early 2018, he has overseen the launch of 12 energy efficiency incentive, financing and innovation programs. Most recently, he has provided strategic direction in the development of new programs focused on making industry more competitive in the province, including programs for methane reduction, strategic energy management, and on-site energy managers.

Prior to joining Energy Efficiency Alberta, he was Director of Operations at CLEAResult. Before that, Darryl helped launch Efficiency Nova Scotia and was Sector Manager of Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Programs for over five years. Darryl is on the steering committee of Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) and is on the Board of Directors of the Methane Emissions Reduction Network (MERN).

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