Expense details

Energy Efficiency Alberta is committed to transparency in its reporting practices, to adhere to the Government of Alberta’s Public Disclosure of Travel and Expenses Policy.

Approved expenses incurred by members of the executive team and Board members are disclosed to the public. Expenses are reported after they are approved, which is why an expense may be posted several months after the transaction date.

As a public agency, agency staff and Board members meet frequently with members of the public, industry groups, government officials and community organizations. Members of the Board and senior management also frequently represent the agency publicly, speaking at conferences and seminars, participating and leading discussions, and listening to stakeholders at forums and roundtables. Disclosed expenses relate to these meetings and events, and the required travel.

Learn more about the Government of Alberta’s Expense and Disclosure Policies, including expense eligibility.

2019 Expenses for Energy Efficiency Alberta

To view expenses prior to 2019, select “Environment and Parks” from the Ministry menu on the Government of Alberta’s Travel and Expense Disclosure website. To search by name, use the “Name” filter at the top of the table, select “starts with” and type in the person’s surname you wish to search, then click on “filter” to search or “clear” to search a new name.