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Energy Efficiency Alberta, like all public agencies in Alberta, is required to disclose compensation paid to all board members and employees who earned over $132,924 during the 2019 reporting period. Public sector bodies are required to post the names and amount of compensation paid to board members, regardless of the amount earned during the reporting period. Board members of Energy Efficiency Alberta are paid honoraria for their time spent on the business of the Board, based on the Committee Remuneration Order.

2017-2019 Compensation Disclosure for Energy Efficiency Alberta

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Energy Efficiency Alberta’s compensation information is disclosed on the Government of Alberta’s Compensation Disclosure website. To search the organization, click on the “Public Sector Body” drop down menu at the top of the table and enter “Energy Efficiency Alberta.” To search for an individual, click on the “Name” drop down menu at the top of the table and enter the last name of the individual you wish to search.

Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act

Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act

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