December 11, 2019 What do fairy tales and co-ops have in common?

They’re part of the 68 projects being delivered Energy Efficiency Alberta’s 2019 grant recipients.

By Allison Mostowich, Manager, Engagement Programs and Eric Timmins, Program Coordinator, Program Design and Delivery

In 2019, we funded 68 projects through two grant programs: The Energy Efficiency Education Grant Program and Community Generation Capacity Building (CGCB). Grant-funded projects are an important part of expanding energy efficiency education, technical training and enhancing communities’ abilities to generate their own power through alternative sources across Alberta. Empowered communities, regardless of whether they are bound by geography or shared passions and interests, can benefit from reduced operating costs in businesses, and increased comfort, energy savings and reduced utility bills in both residences and other buildings.

The education grants support 44 Alberta-focused organizations to deliver education, curriculum development, professional development and industry capacity training related to energy efficiency and renewable energy. The capacity building grants support 24 Alberta-based organizations and municipalities to directly access and share the benefits of community-scale renewable energy generation. We know the 68 projects funded will make great strides in moving energy efficiency and renewable energy forward in the province and have high impact on varied and diverse communities. This adds to the group of 12 recipients from 2018, already having great impact in Alberta.

Two examples of grant recipients doing amazing work…

Evergreen Theatre Society is a touring educational, environmental, science-based, theatre company for young audiences. They performed their touring educational play The Three Little Pigs and B.B. Wolfe over 120 times. In this timely twist on the classic tale, B.B. Wolfe is a climate scientist, tasked with getting three stuck-in-their-ways little pigs to embrace better building practices for a changing climate.

The event survey responses were overwhelmingly positive:

"The students recalled that our climate has been increasingly warmer, that reusing materials was helpful to us all, and numerous points about energy efficiency from the show."

"Students were interested in the way weather affects structures and how there are ways to make your home more energy efficient."

The Alberta Community and Co-operative Association (ACCA) is a catalyst for strong community and co-operative business sectors in Alberta. Through the CGCB grant program, the ACCA held a series of Community Generation Project Incubator workshops throughout the province. These popular workshops provided a cost-effective alternative to help Alberta community groups develop and potentially implement community energy projects, and provide valuable capacity building throughout Alberta.

As one participant noted:

“It brought people from so many various backgrounds together for a proactive discussion on how we can (ALL) work together to help build energy capacity within this province”


Energy Efficiency Alberta has a mandate to support energy efficiency and renewable energy in Alberta through awareness building, delivering effective programs and supporting the industry. We know that learning about more ways to save energy where we work, live and play is key to reducing our costs of living and enhancing our quality of life. We believe the best way to share these learnings is to support organizations to do more of what they are already experts at, reaching more Albertans in their homes, classrooms, businesses and communities.

In 2018, Energy Efficiency Alberta supported twelve organizations to deliver energy efficiency education, training and innovation to diverse audiences across the province. Some of our grant recipients included Empower Me, Inside Education, Habitat for Humanity and the Canadian Institute for Efficiency Training.