January 23, 2019 The power of energy efficiency

Matthew's Home Energy Plan

Matthew is a Calgary homeowner committed to making his home 100% energy efficient or ‘net zero’. This means the home is designed, modelled and constructed to produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis.

To achieve this goal, Matthew’s plan included completing a Home Energy Evaluation to help him uncover and prioritize areas that needed efficiency upgrades. The evaluation confirmed his house used 114GJ of energy per year, typical for its size and age, but there was room for improvement. Using the information provided within his evaluation, he was able to prioritize the following upgrades and take advantage of great rebates offered through the Home Energy Plan and Solar Program, helping him reach his energy efficiency goal. Through his upgrades, Matthew completed the following:

  • Improved air tightness from 5 ACH to 2.2 air changes per hour
  • Added 6” of EPS foam to the outside of the walls, resulting in R36 value, over the original R12 
  • Added 17” of R60 Attic insulation
  • Upgraded the Heat Pump for domestic hot water to a 220% efficient model (the original was 55% efficient)
  • Upgraded the Air Source Heat Pump heating with electric back up offering an annual efficiency of 170% (the original was 92% efficient)
  • Planning to install a 14KW solar system

Adding Up the Value

After completing the above upgrades and utilizing the rebates available through Home Energy Plan, Matthew now consumes only 52 GJ/year. 50 per cent of this energy use is baseload (fixed assumptions for lighting, appliances and plug loads). A 71% reduction in space heating and 73 per cent reduction in domestic hot water means it takes less energy to keep his home cozy and comfortable in those winter months. But wait, there’s more! Due to the grid structure in Alberta, generating 100% of his own electricity means he’ll also decrease his GHG emissions by 13.4 tonnes per year, that’s like taking 3 vehicles off the road for an entire year.

By taking part in the Home Energy Plan and the Solar Program, Matthew will save $14,875 on his home upgrades. Plus, he will save $1,525 this year in utility costs. You can easily see the great value of energy efficiency projects, supported by Energy Efficiency Alberta rebates.

Learn more about the Home Energy Evaluation Process from Cooper Le of 4 Elements.

All renovations were completed by Peter at Solar Homes Inc.

Matthew’s Home Energy Evaluation was completed by Cooper at 4 Elements.

Are you a homeowner in Edmonton?

The City of Edmonton is currently offering an additional incentive of $12.50/GJ saved towards the cost of installing approved energy efficient measures. There are also additional rebates for furnaces and Home Energy Evaluations. Learn more.