November 26, 2019 Pumping efficiency in Alberta’s oil and gas sector

Technology – driving efficiency in Alberta’s oil and gas sector GreenPath Energy using technology to reduce methane emissions and drive productivity

By Jessica Shumlich, Program Manager

This week, Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada hosted its Methane Emissions Reduction Forum in Banff. Methane is a big focus of efficiency programs geared towards the natural gas sector because they not only reduce emissions, they allow producers to get more product to market. Reducing methane emissions is a huge opportunity – one that Alberta-based GreenPath Energy is tackling head on.

Alberta-based GreenPath Energy provides specialized expertise in identifying where methane emissions occur during natural gas production and storage, and create retrofit strategies that can help companies improve their performance. GreenPath uses advanced imaging technology, including Optical Gas Imaging (OGI). Using OGI technology, GreenPath provides inspections capable of identifying emissions that would not have been identified through other methods.

GreenPath took part in the Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Methane Emissions Reduction initiative which, over the entire program, enabled more than 3,000 small oil and gas sites to identify and repair methane leaks, which could have led to shorter equipment life, higher operating costs, and higher production costs. And, methane emissions accelerate climate change up to 25 times more than carbon dioxide. GreenPath is an Alberta success story where technology can provide solutions to challenges facing industry.

Opportunities for efficiency in the oil and gas sector are substantial and largely untapped according to a recent study on Alberta’s energy efficiency potential. Methane emissions reduction is just one way efficiency can make the oil and gas sector more competitive. In fact, since 2017, close to 60 projects from over 30 oil and gas companies have participated in Energy Efficiency Alberta programs.

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC) sees the opportunity and in addition to hosting a forum on the topic this week, has recently announced a new RFP to help industry reduce methane emissions and promote innovation within the Alberta oil and gas sector. We’re excited to partner with PTAC on this initiative which aims to promote innovation in one of Alberta’s key industries.