April 17, 2019 The Provincial Election

The Provincial Election

You’ll notice we are a little quiet during the provincial election period. We want you to know why and be assured that all our programs are running as usual during the election period.

The Election Act puts restrictions on public communications by provincial government departments and agencies like ours during the election period – from the time the election is called until the end of polling.

We’re staying focused on delivering great programs. We’ll continue to operate “business-as-usual” before an election is called and during the election period. That means we will continue to help industrial facilities, homeowners, businesses and not-for-profits save energy and money through our programs. So if you’ve recently completed your Home Energy Evaluation and are working towards implementing home improvements, you can continue to tap into the savings Energy Efficiency Alberta offers. Or, if your organization is currently upgrading equipment through our Custom Energy Solutions program, your project implementation and approval process remain the same. The bottom line? We’ll continue to offer all our existing energy efficiency, solar, financing and community generation programs during the election period. This includes processing and approving applications and issuing rebates.

We may be quiet, but we’re here. You may notice that during the election period, in order to comply with the Election Act, we won’t be advertising our programs, posting on social media, speaking at public events, posting new content on our website, or responding to questions from the media. Also, we won’t be introducing any new programs or program changes during this time.

Questions? Please continue to contact us with your questions at hello@efficiencyalberta.ca or 1-844-357-5604. We will also send private responses to any questions from our social media channels. Our program implementation partners will also continue to respond to your questions about program eligibility and application status.