October 26, 2018 Methane Emissions Reduction

The oil and gas industry is responsible for more than 40 per cent of Canada’s methane emissions. Those emissions accelerate climate change up to 25 times more than CO2 – not to mention methane leaks and faulty or inefficient equipment cost oil and gas facilities millions of dollars a year.

To help offset this environmental and financial impact, Energy Efficiency Alberta has announced Methane Emissions Reduction (MER), a new initiative helping oil and gas facilities identify, reduce and eliminate methane waste through quick implementation measures and equipment upgrades. The program launched in October and is now actively working with Alberta facilities.

Here are five reasons to participate in Methane Emissions Reduction:

  1. Incentives cover up to $250,000 per facility owner per year.
  2. Increase product recovery by repairing leaks or replacing faulty equipment.
  3. Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs with improved control.
  4. Save money thanks to decreased operating costs and increased production.
  5. Comply with methane regulations and requirements.

To learn more, see our the Methane Emissions Reduction incentive summary.

This program offers multiple paths to success. Start by taking advantage of the Baseline Opportunity Assessment (BOA) and Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) studies. These will help identify problem areas throughout a facility and build a roadmap to emissions reduction. LDAR is one of the quickest ways to reduce methane emissions – small leaks throughout a system can be identified, measured, and repaired in as little as one visit by an Energy Efficiency Alberta program ally. This streamlined approach helps generate immediate savings for your facility and the rest of the BOA study will help outline future improvement opportunities.

Facilities that have already identified emission reduction measures can take advantage of Direct to Capital (DTC) project incentives including wellhead casing seal, air/fuel ratio controls, glycol dehydration systems, and much more (see a full list on our website).

By partnering with program allies across the province, Methane Emissions Reduction has built a network helping oil and gas facilities identify problem areas and quickly finding solutions. The first step is to contact Energy Efficiency Alberta to talk to an account manager and find out if your facility is eligible. We work with facilities not exceeding 40,000 BOE/day but if you are not eligible, we can find another Energy Efficiency Alberta program focused on further GHG reduction and facility optimization.

The opportunities for improvement are endless.

To learn more visit, efficiencyalberta.ca/methane or email methanereduction@efficiencyalberta.ca.