November 21, 2018 Gary's Home Energy Evaluation

Meet Gary

Gary Williamson — a homeowner in Calgary who signed up for an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation through our new program, Home Energy Plan.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the process.

Step 1: Gary chose an Energy Advisor and scheduled his Home Energy Evaluation. Tip: Energy Efficiency Alberta recommends getting at least two quotes from Energy Advisors as rates may vary.

Home Energy Evaluations range in cost, starting from approximately $450. A Home Energy Evaluation can involve up to two hours with an Energy Advisor assessing your home, and an additional three hours of analysis to create a custom energy report for your home. To support homeowner participation in the program, Energy Efficiency Alberta will provide a rebate of $300 for an eligible version 15 EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation (D Evaluation). This rebate will be directly discounted from the price of the Home Energy Evaluation and applied to your invoice.

VerdaTech Energy Management and Consulting Inc

Step 2: An Energy Advisor assessed Gary’s home from top to bottom. They looked at everything from the insulation in the attic, to the windows in the basement. They also conducted a blower door test to find hidden leaks.

Step 3: Gary will receive a custom report on an online portal for his home. The custom report will detail suggested upgrades and applicable rebates. He can use this to help plan and track his renovations. Gary will have 18 months from the date his Home Energy Evaluation is completed to complete home improvements and have a post-upgrade Energy Evaluation conducted if required.

Step 4: Gary can now complete his renovations with a registered contractor or on his own.

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