August 21, 2018 (Energy) Star of the show

Replacing your inefficient appliances will improve your life and help save money

If you want to get serious about energy efficiency, save money, and improve your lifestyle too, it’s time to replace your old appliances.

Dated refrigerators, clothes washers, and hot water heaters can be a big factor when it comes to overall residential energy use. If you’re going to become an energy-savvy consumer, replacing these old energy guzzlers with high-efficiency models is a must. Not only will you save money over the long term, high-efficiency machines also have a way of making daily life more enjoyable. With them, your food will stay fresher for longer in the fridge, the clothing you buy will still look new months down the road, and your domestic rituals will become easier and more enjoyable.

Use our Home Efficiency Tool to compare the lifetime costs of ENERGY STAR® and non-ENERGY STAR® appliances.

ENERGY STAR® is the seal of approval for energy-efficient products in Canada, identifying products that rank highly in terms of their efficiency. From appliances and electronics, to household heating and cooling equipment, ENERGY STAR® products help reduce environmental impacts from energy use, and subsequently keep your home energy costs under control.

While most people are familiar with the ENERGY STAR® rating, there is a second rating system that further ranks appliances and devices for their overall efficiency that many people aren’t aware of: the Tier system from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE.)

CEE is a nonprofit consortium of energy-efficiency program administrators who work together to develop market initiatives that promote the manufacture and purchase of energy-efficient products and services. One such initiative provides specifications of super efficiency by establishing tiers of energy performance that work in correlation with the ENERGY STAR® rating.

CEE Tier 1 ranked appliances equate to any ENERGY STAR®-rated appliance, but CEE ranks appliances and devices in higher tiers, as well, for products that up the ante in terms of efficiency. Appliances with CEE Tier 2 and 3 ratings are even more energy efficient than those in the Tier 1 category, so while all ENERGY STAR® rated appliances can be considered energy-efficient, to maximize your energy efficiency at home, look for and buy products that have the CEE Tier 2 or Tier 3 seal of approval.

Energy Efficiency Alberta is offering a $75 rebate on CEE Tier II and CEE Tier III refrigerators and washing machines. Click here to take advantage of the rebate.