May 22, 2020 Energy efficiency can support economic and environmental renewal

Efficiency investments are timely and provide multiple benefits

The impacts of the pandemic and related economic troubles have forced both governments and businesses to rethink where investment can best be spent to achieve maximum benefit for the economy, society and the environment. Targeted and temporary stimulus would support an increase in business competitiveness, accelerate the adoption of skills and technology, and lay the groundwork to expand local economies and make life better for Albertans.

Recognizing energy efficiency as a valuable commodity

Exposure to the commodity of energy efficiency would allow companies to place a value on the work as they seek to show investors increased margins through lowered operating costs. Over time, that awareness will translate to decisions made on capital costs and choosing the new and advanced technologies that will not only pay for themselves in a timely manner, but reduce the emissions footprint of facilities and industries.

How it can support

Energy efficiency stimulus will provide local, good quality jobs for small business and tradespeople who will be hired to implement the cost-savings initiatives and technological advances. The energy technology industry already exists in Alberta and has the skills to not only install, but design, manufacture and build best in class energy efficiency technologies and systems.

Public institutions, local community organizations and municipalities can also benefit from energy efficiency stimulus. High fixed energy costs and reduced funds require new strategies to keep providing the important services in our local communities. Energy efficiency measures are one of the quickest, most cost-effective ways for governments to lower costs and free up funds for other areas.

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