August 08, 2018 Empowering Alberta

Empower Me in Alberta

Supported by Energy Efficiency Alberta, Empower Me is offering energy-saving home upgrades to families struggling with their utility bills in the province.

Empower Me Alberta is providing home upgrades free of charge to Albertan families that struggle to pay their utility bills. The Empower Me Home Upgrades program helps renters and homeowners to reduce their energy consumption by installing energy saving measures, as well as providing energy education and mentorship. Registration to participate in the Home Upgrades program is now open to Albertans, starting with Calgary and the surrounding area.

The program provides different levels of support, products, and installations depending on the home, the energy bills, and how tough it is for the household to pay them. All participants receive a free energy saving kit valued around $90 that helps them improve their home’s energy efficiency. Some participants receive more in-depth upgrades related to heating, lighting or insulation if their energy consumption is very high and it is difficult for them to pay their bills.

In the energy capital of Canada, nearly one-quarter of Albertan households are struggling to pay their energy bills – that’s over 300,000 families. When a household has to spend a disproportionate amount of its income on energy bills, it can lead to falling behind on bill payments, utility cut-offs, and tough decisions such as whether to heat the home or purchase other life essentials.

Empower Me is inclusive and available to everyone, with in-language services available for multilingual communities. The Home Upgrades program has limited capacity and will be available throughout Alberta, starting with servicing Calgary and the surrounding area.

Register here.

Tim from the Empower Me Home upgrades team installing a programmable thermostat free of charge.

Jaclyn, Empower Me’s Cantonese and Mandarin speaking Mentor, with Yan Ren and her family when the Empower Me Home Upgrades team visited their home to install energy efficient upgrades.

About Empower Me Alberta

Empower Me Alberta is an energy conservation and behaviour change program aimed at members of diverse, multilingual communities. It is a peer-to-peer program, delivered in communities, and in language. Empower Me helps participants understand energy bills and choices, save energy, save money, and increase the comfort and safety of their homes.

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