January 08, 2019 Custom solutions for your business

“Custom Energy Solution is Energy Efficiency’s exciting new program that offers incentives for custom projects that deliver greenhouse gas savings in the industrial, institutional and commercial sector.”

Jessica Shumlich, Program Manager, Custom Energy Solutions, Energy Efficiency Alberta

Why was Custom Energy Solutions created?

While Energy Efficiency Alberta was developing programs to help Alberta residents and businesses, it recognized a gap in support for some larger industrial, institutional and commercial facilities. Many of these facilities are in the oil, natural gas or manufacturing industries and have unique equipment, processes and pain points that can’t be entirely addressed with one-size-fits-all offerings. Custom Energy Solutions gives these businesses an opportunity to holistically evaluate their facility, identify energy-saving opportunities, and move forward with the improvements they need.

Who is eligible?

If you are an industrial, institutional or commercial customer in Alberta you may be eligible to participate in the Custom Energy Solutions program. Typically, we work with oil and natural gas facilities, manufacturers, local colleges and universities, and large commercial buildings, however, with no minimum threshold for greenhouse gas emissions, we could support other industries, too. Some facilities may have smaller incentive opportunities, but our account management team will help determine your eligibility and propose opportunities available. Find more eligibility information on our website.

What type of incentives are available?

We typically group Custome Energy Solutions’ incentives into three categories:

  1. Custom Projects: These incentives offer incentives for projects that implement measures to reduce greenhouse gasses. These custom projects could include equipment and process improvements including Compressed Air, VFDs, Steam Systems and many more. Once the new equipment has been installed and verified, the facility receives an incentive based on that measure’s long-term greenhouse gas reduction.
  2. Decision Making: These incentives help support your organization’s decision making including scoping audits, engineering studies, and retro- and re-commissioning investigations. Every facility understands their building and equipment best, and this category outlines the energy-saving opportunity as well as available incentives. Once you proceed with a custom project, the audit, study or investigation is eligible for up to 100% reimbursement. completely covered by our incentives.
  3. The On-Site Energy Manager Incentive: This offers incentives to cover the cost of a dedicated on-site energy manager who works with Custom Energy Solutions to achieve long-term energy efficiency goals. The facility hires an internal or external resource, and incentives are paid out as the energy manager reaches required milestones. This incentive benefits the facility and helps drive a job market for energy-efficiency focused individuals.

How do interested facilities get involved?

There are multiple pathways to participation. To start, visit Energy Efficiency Alberta’s website, and then contact one of our account managers at customsolutions@efficiencyalberta.ca. From there, your account manager will evaluate your facility and its energy efficiency needs. The Custom Energy Solutions program is building momentum and we are looking forward to expanding the reach and helping all of Alberta improve their facilities one step at a time.

To learn more, visit efficiencyalberta.ca/customsolutions