October 10, 2019 CEO Monica Curtis recognized for powering up Alberta’s energy efficiency

Clean 50 Award Winner CEO Monica Curtis recognized for powering up Alberta’s energy efficiency

Our CEO Monica Curtis has been involved with bringing energy efficiency and efficiency financing to industry, businesses, institutions and households in Canada and the U.S.

With a handful of staff, in April 2017 she led the launch of energy efficiency programs in Alberta. By year two, Energy Efficiency Alberta had a dedicated team working to reduce Alberta’s energy waste through education and awareness, technical training and certification; energy use, feasibility and design studies and re-commissioning; financial incentives on equipment and projects; and dedicated financing products to support investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean technology.

Monica brings a commitment to market-based cost-effective programming that has contributed to some incredible results. During the first two years of operations Energy Efficiency Alberta’s $101 million in incentive payments to 216,000 projects across Alberta, stimulated nearly $375 million in private-sector investment in those projects. In fact, for every dollar invested in energy efficiency, Alberta is getting more than three back. That is $692 million in energy savings over the lifetime of the more than 15.5 million products. Alberta is also seeing $850 million in economic growth with about 4,200 job-years created.

For her leadership in accelerating adoption of highly efficient technologies, growing local businesses, and helping commercial enterprises, oil and gas facilities and households control their energy and operating costs, Monica was recently recognized as one of Canada’s Clean 50. The Clean50 are selected from 16 diverse categories that transcend numerous industries, academia, different levels of government, thought leaders and advocates, and are based on accomplishments delivered over the prior two years.

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