June 02, 2020 Building business competitiveness in Alberta: Part 1

Energy efficiency offers multiple benefits to businesses

A stronger Alberta is one in which our businesses and organizations have an edge on the competition and excel in the marketplace. While there are many things that help provide competitive advantage, energy efficiency is one that can offer multiple benefits over time.

Investing in efficiency solutions enables businesses to reduce energy use, lower operating costs, reinvest ongoing savings, and ultimately, improve the bottom line. Additional benefits can come when reviewing overall energy consumption, as opportunities to improve operating processes and find productivity gains are uncovered. Continuous improvements like these are making a positive impact for companies like Calgary-based CSV Midstream Solutions.

Finding cost savings and improving processes

CSV is a natural gas and liquids infrastructure company with three gas plants in the Grande Prairie area. CSV participated in Energy Efficiency Alberta’s On-site Energy Manager (OEM) program allowing them to hire Brett Wightman as Energy Manager.

Leveraging his expertise during the two-year OEM program, CSV focused on process engineering to manage energy by adjusting set points in the plants. Together, the low-cost no-cost, process and behavioural changes increased the operators’ control over the plant, made the plant easier to operate, increased plant uptime and helped CSV save $680,000 in operating costs. Participating in the program helped CSV reduce both fuel usage and carbon emissions, thereby optimizing the related operating processes by 38 per cent, with an additional 20 per cent planned.

“Participating in the OEM program has enabled CSV to take a more holistic approach to managing energy, instead of implementing incremental changes. This is not currently the industry standard. The program has created a cohort of counterparts that now actively share information, creating a ripple effect of the benefits of energy savings across assets.” – Brett Wightman, Energy Manager

Business optimizations such as these create value and improve competitiveness, especially in a capital constrained operating state. In addition to the economic benefits, optimization conserves energy and reduces the carbon footprint of energy production, helping CSV achieve corporate environmental objectives, increasing its attractiveness to investors.

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Brett Wightman at CSV's Resthaven Gas Plant